RISCA invites to join our 2016 Fall Conference

                                               “Recipe for Success”

                                                     Friday, October 7, 2016

                                                         7:30 am - 2:45 pm

Featuring Jonathan Mooney Author of Learning Outside The Lines and The Short Bus

Jonathan Mooney was one of “those kids”.  One of those kids who couldn’t sit still and spent elementary school hiding in the bathroom to escape reading out loud with tears streaming down his face.  Jonathan beat the odds, graduating from Brown University with an honors degree in English literature. How did he do it? That question is the heart of Jonathan’s personal, humorous, and research based talk: Learning Outside the Lines. In his keynote presentation, Jonathan will explore three ideas that changed his life and that all counselors and educators can adopt to support vulnerable and at risk learners. He will provide concrete strategies to help counselors and teachers build positive learning identities with their students who like himself, believe they are “stupid, crazy, and lazy”; he will outline a strengths based approach that gives concrete ideas on how to scale students strengths and build contextualized learning pathways; and he explores the power of student-counselor-teacher connections and relationships as the foundation of transformative learning environments.  And through all of this, Jonathan will celebrate counselors/educators as change agents and education as a powerful tool for personal and social transformation.

Join your counseling colleagues in hearing Jonathan’s inspiring message and take part in a day of relevant and valuable professional development.

Register now for the RISCA Fall Conference: A Recipe for Success at Hotel Providence and Johnson & Wales, Providence Campus on Friday, October 7th.  Take advantage of the Early Bird Registration!  

*The RISCA Fall Conference is a members only event. Simply complete membership form or join on-line prior to, or in conjunction with, registering for our Oct. 7th event!

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We would like to thank our all of our sponsors, but especially Johnson & Wales University and the Rhode Island National Guard for their continuing support of school counselors in Rhode Island. 

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