The RISCA strategic plan is grounded in the ASCA National Model (2005, Revised) and the Rhode Island Framework for K-12 Comprehensive School Counseling (2005). The ASCA model articulates the need for comprehensive school counseling programs as a vital contributor to student success and school reform. It provides counseling standards for student success in three developmental domains—academic, career and personal/social, and provides standards of excellence and ethical standards for professional school counselors. 

The Rhode Island framework shows how the vision for comprehensive school counseling programs described in the ASCA model can be realized through the dedicated work of school counselors throughout our state. The framework links K-12 school counseling with Rhode Island K-12 educational regulations (e.g., Basic Education Plan, Secondary Regulations and Career and Technical Education Regulations). 

The framework also describes how the RISCA Toolkits provide structured processes, clearly defined protocols and easy-to-use tools to help districts implement comprehensive school counseling programs. The framework and toolkits are available for free download on the RISCA website ( 

A strategic plan should be a vision that compels us to act and to be accountable for our actions. Rhode Island school counselors are committed to accountable talk and accountable walk. Our accountability is based on what needs to be done to maximize the power and potential of school counselors to help students succeed and to help schools transform themselves into more personalized learning environments. The RISCA strategic plan articulates our accountable talk. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving results that make a difference in student lives. The Rhode Island Framework for K-12 Comprehensive School Counseling and the RISCA Toolkits provide the means by which these results can be achieved. We are committed to these results because we know we can make a difference in our students’ lives. We are committed because we know we can be vital contributors to school reform and the health of our school communities. We are already generating a growing body of evidence of our progress toward these results. This is our accountable walk. Strategic Priorities for 2012-2015 RISCA developed its strategic plan by focusing on areas that are considered critical to the school counseling profession and to the success and growth of the RISCA organization. Each area is RISCA Strategic Plan 2012-2015 RISCA_Strategic_Plan_for_Board_Approval_1-12-12.doc considered critical because action plans must be developed for that area if the strategic priorities of RISCA are to be achieved. 

The table below identifies RISCA’s strategic priorities for 2012-2015 along with the expected results for each priority. Taken as a whole, these results illustrate the role of RISCA in Rhode Island school counseling. The critical areas are listed alphabetically. The order does not suggest priority, as all areas are considered critical to the success of RISCA. RISCA’s Strategic Plan 2012-2015 Strategic Priorities Results Statements Budget A business plan is updated annually. Budget is developed and monitored annually. 

RISCA remains financially self- sufficient through dues, conference registration fees. By-Laws and Ethics By-laws and ethical standards are reviewed and amended, as needed. Communications Effective communication vehicles are used to disseminate vital information to Rhode Island school counselors. Effective communication vehicles (website, newsletter, ListServ) are used to disseminate vital information to Rhode Island school counselors. A comprehensive public relations campaign promotes the school counseling profession, RISCA and its programs. A repository of best school counseling practices is maintained and promoted by RISCA. Information sharing among Rhode Island school counselors is facilitated. Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting RISCA collects and analyzes data to demonstrate its contribution and impact on school counseling. RISCA promotes collecting, analyzing and reporting data by school counselors. Finance Grants and other funding sources are sought. Historical Records T

The history of RISCA is documented and made accessible on an annual basis. Membership Membership in RISCA is increased. RISCA Strategic Plan 2012-2015 RISCA_Strategic_Plan_for_Board_Approval_1-12-12.doc Strategic Priorities Results Statements Nominations and Elections Candidates for RISCA offices are nominated. RISCA elections are conducted annually. Partnerships Strategic Partnerships are developed and maintained. Professional Development Annual professional development opportunities are conducted each year. Theme-based professional development workshops are conducted that address key initiatives and critical issues impacting Rhode Island school counselors. RISCA members are encouraged to participate in professional development opportunities offered by local, state, and national organizations. RISCA members are encouraged to participate in action research and share their best practices. Professional development opportunities are developed for and with partners. 

Resources for school counselors are identified and information on how to access them is disseminated. Public Policy, Legislation and Professional Relations Input to and feedback on policy and legislation impacting school counseling in Rhode Island is provided by RISCA. Recognitions and Awards Awards and recognitions processes are managed annually. Technology Information for using technology in support of K-12 school counseling is identified and shared. RISCA is a vital force in Rhode Island school counseling. 

School counselors are significant contributors to student success and school reform. Comprehensive school counseling programs are a powerful infrastructure for the personalization of student learning. We have set our sights on establishing the infrastructure for implementing comprehensive school counseling programs in Rhode Island schools, building capacity for change through meaningful and substantive professional development, and transforming our practice to ensure an even greater contribution to student success and the health of the school community.

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